Our Programme

At Canterbury Baby Cove, we believe that children learn through play.

Infants and toddlers explore the world with their five senses. Different types of play foster different types of development in the children – physical, linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional. Through play, they learn to make friends, cooperate, communicate solve problems and demonstrate a host of other intellectual, emotional and social behaviours. Children are avid explorers, discovers and meaning makers.

Our programme is holistic and child centric. We provide a safe, secure and intimate environment to cater to individual child and family. With a predictable environment, children will be able to engage in their play confidently. Our lush outdoor facilities expose the children to the important natural elements, allowing them to experience the many sensory stimulations nature has to offer. We believe that children will “nurture in nature”.

Extensive Outdoor Experience

We are the only infant centre that dedicates more than 3000 square feet of space for infants. Natural light, fresh air and the sights and sounds of outdoor are essential to giving children a healthy start in life. The infant and toddler program commits an hour a day towards giving our infants and toddlers a rich outdoor experience. Experiences will be planned to provide the children with an extensive exposure to the greenery, the sand, the water and anything outside.

Carefully Crafted Unique Experience

Our programme is balanced and holistic. We provide infants and toddlers with a wide array of learning through play across all domains and using all their senses. Our programme delivery strikes a good balance between structured and unstructured time to develop children’s love for learning and exploration. Besides the unique experience offered, the children will enjoy daily storytelling, songs and rhythms.

Balanced and holistic programme

Music and movement

Exploring sound

Art and craft

In the edible garden

At the gym

Home-School Partnership

Parents are children’s first teachers. Parents are significant and they offer invaluable insights into their child’s temperaments and dispositions. At Canterbury, we work closely with parents to promote continuity and consistency of care for children and support the smooth transition between the home and school.

The school believes in welcoming parents into our environment. Parents are encouraged to change the first diaper for their child. Our experienced teachers will communicate with parents closely and share tips about the care and development of their child.